Monday, September 6, 2010

UA's Missing Muffins: Compensation For An Outrage

We're not used being served any food in UA F on the relatively short (678 miles) hop between SEA and SFO. When we boarded at SEA the other morning we'd already enjoyed a filling breakfast at the Doubletree.

Brian noticed the cabin crew huddling in the front galley before the flight, opening various storage areas, and saying something about "not loaded," but thought little more about it when the morning beverage service proceeded as usual.

As the flight neared its end, the purser stopped by every F seat with certificates (they used to be called skykits ) to redeem online for compensation, explaining that the muffins hadn't been loaded.

This morning we got around to checking the site, and were given a choice of a 10% discount on any flight, 9000 bonus miles, or $200 e-certs applicable to any domestic flight. We chose the $200 certs, meaning that we earned a small profit on our cheap fare to BWI.

We'll take $200 over muffins anytime.

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