Tuesday, September 14, 2010

If This Is Zurich Where Are The Gnomes?

Setting aside the gnomenclature, we flew into ZRH for the very first time this morning and are impressed by the airport and the friendly Swiss it contains.

Our overnight flight from IAD on a 767 was just fine and we managed a few hours of sleep. Once we deplaned we found it was a fair walk to the train to take us to the transfer gates. The train, while similar to those in other airports, features such sound effects as birds singing and a few yodels. That, along with announcements in German, French, and English made it clear that we were now in Switzerland.

Immigration was swift and friendly. They are obviously set up for queues but it seems we arrived at a quiet time.

We're now sitting in the Swiss Airlines Senator Lounge, just outside the security checkpoint that will take us to our Austrian Airlines gate. A cup of coffee and maybe a little Swiss chocolate will equip us to face the day. Oh, and of course they feature meusli as well.

It's awhile since we've been in Europe, and an even longer time since we've been in Austria. We're looking forward to it.

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