Monday, September 20, 2010

A Night At The Bratislava Opera

A great production of Tosca last night in the not-too-large new Opera hall, just across the square from our hotel.

We were seated in the second row center and the only occasional annoyance was opera fans seated right behind us who were humming along with the music from time to time. We haven't noticed that phenomenon elsewhere.

The Sheraton Hotel proves to be a fabulous boutique-style place. We enjoyed a great walk around the Old Town yesterday, along with a ride on the tourist train up to the top where the old castle sits, and a delicious lunch outdoors down in the Old Town.

Today we're pushing to catch the big train back to Vienna. We're also on an errand of mercy to pick up a keepsake necklace that another Flyer Talker left in her hotel. We'll return it to her shortly but we have a small hotel on a small gasse (alley) to find on our way to the airport.

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