Tuesday, September 21, 2010

VIE Star Alliance Gold Lounge

Our train ride from Bratislava to Vienna was quicker and cheaper but less scenic than the hydrofoil cruise down the river the other day. We're happy to have tried both.

We headed for the hotel where our Flyer Talk friend had left her necklace, picked it up, chatted with the lovely young front-desk clerk who had spent a year as an au pair in Vancouver, and headed to the airport.

Despite an uncharacteristically late train (one train station is completely closed for renovations and trains are having to "share" other stations), we arrived at VIE with time to spare.

There's a special check-in room for Star Alliance Star Golds, and we're now sitting in the Star Gold Lounge closest to our gate.

We're checking out our ZHR Holiday Inn Express on Trip Advisor, and, among other problems, the Internet may be painfully slow as well as expensive. We don't know how to break the news, so we'll just say straight-out that this may be the last post for awhile.

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