Saturday, September 18, 2010

Austrian Technik: Touring The Repair and Maintenance Facility

Our guided tour of Austrian Technik gave a us a great glimpse of the repairs and maintenance that OS performs on its own planes, along with undertaking profitable contract work for other airlines and corporate jets.

Austria may be densely populated but there's a lot of room in the hangars - they're huge!

Without going into exhaustive detail, every plane undergoes regular maintenance, the first level occurring every few hundred hours of flying time, right up to the procedure that has it being virtually taken apart. One of these planes was in the hangar and our guide mentioned that the interior, for example, has to be stripped right down to the insulation to check for any damage from moisture, which is an enemy of planes, as with other machines.

While we were in one of the hangars a team showed to remove a 320 in for a quick check out onto the tarmac. The big bird (and a 320 looks very large when you're on the ground looking up at it) was moved out quickly and efficiently, with a wing passing right over our heads.

As the tour ended, our little tour group (we were split into two groups for the morning tours) posed for a photo.

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