Sunday, November 13, 2022

A Quick Tour of Florence

Our friends Bud and Jessie arranged for a six-person van from the the Livorno pier into Firenze, Florence in English, which we shared with two congenial women from Colorado after posting on the Cruise Critic website.

Our charming young guide, Matthew, was a skillful driver and fluent in English.

First he drove us to a magnificent viewpoint overlooking the city.

We then drove down into the heart of the city and Matthew miraculously found a good parking place, as he did throughout the day.

Matthew showed some of the many highlights as we went on a mini-walking tour.

Here is the Ponte Vecchio - old bridge - up close.

After free time for some to buy a gelato, and for Kathy to buy a knee sleeve for a pesky sore knee, we drove over to the Accademia and were able to admire Michelangelo’s David, among other wonderful works of art.

Look at his handsome face, Ladies.

There was much to see, including a small musical instrument museum containing Stradivari and Amati strings.

Paintings and sculptures dating back at least to the 1500s made our relatively brief visit a highlight. For example, we viewed this painting by Botticelli, 1445-1510.

As we drove back to Marina, Matthew made a quick detour into Pisa, as a couple of people in our group had never seen the Leaning Tower.

We have never substantiated the rumor that at one point a famous American hotel chain was going to buy it, convert it into accommodation, and rename it the Tiltin’ Hilton.

It was nearly 6:00 pm and nearly dark as we made the short final drive to Marina. What a sky!

What a day!

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