Wednesday, November 16, 2022

A Quick Walk Through Valencia’s Torres de Serannos

Valencia, Spain’s third largest city, was not high on our agenda, but we takenadvantage of Marina’s free shuttle service to make the 20-minute ride from the cruise ship docks to the old city center.

We spot numerous Valencia orange trees bearing oranges on our route.. Imagine that: Valencia oranges in Valencia! Yet another item to check off our bucket list.

Once parked, we walk a half block, turn right, and spot the Torres de Serranos, one of 12 14th century gates (obviously a well restored one) that formed part of the ancient city wall.

The closer we get, the more impressive it appears.

And then we’re  through the gate and able to wander the crooked little streets as we admire the architecture.

We’re on a quest for Crest (the toothpaste) but have to make do with the mintier Colgate Kathy detests found in a Carrefour Express.

We pick up a couple of bottles of red wine there, and two more at a friendly wine shop. The proprietor recommends the Tempranillo we buy  as as “excelente!”

At around €14, this is actually one of our pricier wine buys, but even with Oceania’s $25 restaurant corkage fee, it’s a bargain compared to onboard prices. It’s also fun talking wine with local experts in Italy, France, and Spain.

There are worse ways to spend a morning.

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