Tuesday, November 1, 2022

Walking and Waiting at Heathrow

Our LAX-LHR flight was great. Their 777 business class seats are excellent.

We had no need of dinner after the Qantas First Lounge at LAX, so slept early and well. We did awaken in time to enjoy a light breakfast, nicely presented by our excellent flight attendants.

Things got interesting as we transited from Terminal 3 to 5, a long walk followed by the usual long and crowded bus ride.

With exquisite timing, we’d landed on the first day that
 restrictions were lifted on the number of flights landing. We arrived at the Terminal 5 boarding pass checkpoint, only to be held back by three polite but determined employees (think Horatius at the bridge) whose objective was to let through only the passengers whose flights were leaving within the hour.

Eventually they got word that the queue had cleared upstairs, and let us all through. The queues at the security checkpoint were consistent with previous experiences.

We wandered over to the BA Galleries First South Lounge and found a relatively quiet corner.

We still have a leisurely couple of hours before catching our flight to Rome, time for a drink and a light buffet dinner.

Although we bought the tickets through BA, the fourth flight of the trip will be the first on BA metal.

We’re already looking forward to a real bed at the Rome Airport Hilton after a late arrival at FCO, around 30 hours after departing from BLI.

Before we leave the lounge, we choose from a combination of tasty British and Indian dishes at the buffet.

That should last us until morning.

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