Thursday, November 17, 2022

Tendering to Port-Vendres

Although it’s a deeo-water port, Marina anchored outside the harbor and we tendered in to this charming little French town of about 4,000 residents.

Once docked, we strolled around the harbor and enjoyed the sights.

We ran into Bud and Jessie, who let us know of a wine shop up the hill near the obelisk. Up we went.

This obelisk has quite a history.

The 98-feet tall structure was started in 1780 under the direction of King Louis XVI, who directed a major expansion of the port. It is adorned with four bronze bas-reliefs representing the newly independent United States of America (above), the abolition of serfdom, free trade, and the strengthened French Navy.

Across the way is a plaque honoring Charles DeGaulle’s leadership of the French Resistance during World War II.


Adjacent to those monuments was the wine shop Bud and Jessie had spotted, complete with a friendly proprietor who spoke some English. The shop features the local wines of the Roussillon region. 

He offered us a generous sample of one wine he recommended. Sold!

We walked out with three bottles of wine that we look forward to tasting as we cross the Atlantic.

We caught another tender back to the Marina, and enjoyed a light lunch before sitting on our balcony and watching rhe tenders come and go.

Two perfect ports in one cruise, Port-Vendres and Ajaccio, each with its own character.

It’s a breezy day with clouds moving fairly quickly. We’re not surprised it was prudent to cancel our visit to not-too-distant S├Ęte.

Au revoir, as we sail away toward Barcelona.

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