Tuesday, March 19, 2013

A Pleasant Arrival In München

There were a few interesting moments yesterday as we sat on our first plane before leaving the gate at SEA. The captain at one point announced that we would be delayed up to 90 minutes, due to Air Traffic Control slots available at ORD. He announced it was up to ATC and "the U.S. government." That made our connection iffy and generally lowered our confidence level

We called the UA 1K line and a very nice woman spent some time working on options. The best she could do was protect us on a later Lufthansa flight in Economy of course. We learned that UA for whatever reason doesn't even fly to Munich on Tuesdays, so we were thinking we might be sitting toward the back of a characteristically warm LH plane.

Suddenly there was better news: The captain returned to the PA to tell us that our flight had been granted an earlier landing slot so off we went.

Once we landed at ORD, we walked quickly along that underground psychedelic walkway that connects Concourses B and C, not talking the time to enjoy it. When we arrived at a very small gate, the boarding had begun and it looked like a lot of the plane was in our Boarding Group One, part of United's "brave new world."

There was ample room for our roll-aboards and small bags even in the small 767 bins where they have to fit sideways. The crew was good, the pork chop we both chose for our main course was surprisingly tasty and the biggest piece of meat we'd ever eaten on the plane (it would have been a big portion at home) and we slept for several hours after finally watching both Lincoln and Argo.

This morning we enjoyed a German-style breakfast with cheese, salami, and ham before landing at MUC around 10:00 a.m. local time (Europe hasn't switched to Daylight Saving Time yet so there's an eight-hour difference from our Pacific Time Zone. We took our time getting off the plane and wandered along to the German Passport Control, where we had to wait in line no more than five minutes (probably after the early morning rush).

From there we walked out, walked across the covered outdoor area to escalator down to the S Bahn, and bought tickets. It's perhaps a 30-minute ride to Rosenheimer Platz, where we got off and walked upwards to the lift that goes to the Hilton Munich City.

We're all checked in already and very appreciative that a room was made available upon our arrival about 11:00 a..m by the friendly young woman at the Hhonors desk. We're relaxing and plan a shower and maybe a short nap before venturing out into Munich. We can see some blue in the sky from our hotel window and so far it feels considerably warmer than we had anticipated.


Dennis Warner said...

That all brings back some fond memories from our October trip that included Munich. Hopefully you'll get to the Hofbrauhaus again. As you know despite the fact that it's a magnet for tourists it also has surprisingly good food and drink! Anyway, enjoy your time in München!

Kathy and Brian said...

We hope to visit there during our two-night stay at the end of the trip.