Saturday, March 30, 2013

Zagreb: Sofra Bosnian Restaurant

Wow! We walked out of the Doubletree, rode down an escalator, walked through a passage and there we were in the basement of the building housing Sofra - or at least this branch of the restaurant as the the original is downtown.

As promised when we made our reservation, live "gypsy music" was being performed by a six-member ensemble that sounded Mexican at some times and Russian at others.

We had done a little advance research by reading recommendations in Wikipedia and in the restaurant's  Trip Advisor reviews and the waiter generally approved of our choices. What an amazing meal it was, with new tastes and textures, all washed down with a glass of Sarajevska Pivara and a half-liter of the house red.

Meat skewers, Bosnian ravioli, a meat pie, and a full plate of Bosnian-style bread...
Yes, we had plenty to eat and the total bill of about $35 was also good for our digestion.

You can watch and listen to our video of  20 seconds of the gypsy musicians here.

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