Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Last Chance To Wander Vienna

We're checked in at the Hilton, ate sandwiches and strudel in the lounge, and ventured out with determination to take one last stroll this trip around Vienna. We caught a U-Bahn to Stephansplatz and the Dom to wander around the cathedral and the Graben. It was just too cold to enjoy though and we walked partway back, past the Spanische Hofreitschule

After a couple of short Strassenbahn rides around the Ring.

We cut through the Stadtpark on our way back to the Vienna Hilton, our home for the night, and had to take a quick photo of Franz Schubert, or at least his statue, despite the chilliness of it all.

In the fancy new mall across from the Hilton, there were huge lines of young people waiting for something. Kathy asked two friendly policemen who explained it was a celebrity autograph session with the rapper 50 Cent.

Brian suggested they arrest all rappers but they smiled and moved on.

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