Saturday, March 30, 2013

Zagreb Doubletree By Hilton: What A Gem!

We've mentioned already how impressed we are with this property.

As our stay progresses, it just keeps getting better and better.

This morning's breakfast buffet was excellent. The employees are sincerely friendly and almost tripping over themselves to be helpful.

Since tomorrow is Easter Sunday Brian asked at the front desk how to purchase a one-way tram ticket to the train station. The employee told us the hotel could hire us a taxi and charge it to our room for about a dollar more than waiting for a tram on a possibly rainy morning. Problem solved!

We wandered around the Old Town for awhile but then it started to rain and Kathy has a cold so it was time to retreat to the hotel.

She was hoping to find another packet of Twinings Green Tea & Lemon in the room stash but there were only minty varieties, not at all to her liking.

Brian found a housekeeper still working on our floor and asked if he could trade. The poor woman couldn't speak much English but let Brian check the tea packets - no lemon in sight. Brian muttered "limone" and "citrone" and made sour faces. The lady asked for his room number and no more than five minutes later another employee knocked on the door with five packets of Green Tea & Lemon, delivered with a smile!

Everything about the hotel is modern. For example, you touch your key card to a symbol on the elevator to gain access to the floors, and you touch another pad beside your room door to unlock it automatically. There's a touch pad inside to turn on and off various lights and even to display outside "Do Not Disturb" or "Please Make Up Room." We've seen similar arrangements in Asian hotels but this property is pretty well state-of-the art.

Tonight we've made reservations for the well-reviewed Bosnian restaurant next door, Sofra. We gather there will be live gypsy music and we gather we should try Buredziki (meat pie with yoghurt) or Klepe (ravioli filled with meat and baked in sour cream and garlic sauce).

Tomorrow we have a 12:30 p.m. train to catch to Ljubljana and the penultimate stop of our current trip, but we'll leave with happy memories of the Doubletree and of Zagreb, despite the rainy weather.

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