Tuesday, March 26, 2013

A Snowy Bratislava Morning

These are the views from our windows this morning...
We enjoy our buffet breakfast in the Sheraton restaurant. Ah, prepared-to-order Eggs Benedict are available. We'd be fools not to try them - very tasty.

Suitably fortified, we trudge across to the new opera building's ticket office, seeking a refund for the canceled Barber of Seville. We're third in the queue and try to understand the transactions occurring in front of us. One older woman leaves in something of a huff and Kathy guesses she's been told she has to obtain her refund at the location where she bought her ticket.

Anticipating the worst - or the most bureaucratic - the woman from whom we bought our tickets yesterday smiles and hands us 70 Euros in cash before we can say a word. No muss - no fuss! We smile and laugh as well, say our thank-yous and return to the hotel.

We've done a fair amount of sightseeing around Bratislava. Today's agenda will consist of wandering around Eurovea immediately next door just for something to do. It's definitely looking like an inside day.

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