Thursday, March 28, 2013

Zagreb: The Westin

Rather than exchanging money and jumping on a tram, we decide to shake off the stuffiness of the train by making the 15-minute walk from the train station to the Westin. It's much warmer than Vienna and not raining, making it a highlight of the day.

We're welcomed warmly and learn we've been upgraded to a suite on the 12th floor.
We choose a free breakfast instead of bonus points and then check out our suite.

We leave our bags behind and head out for a late dinner, following the hotel clerk's instructions toward the old town. There are a lot of outdoor cafes with people enjoying beverages, but it takes us awhile to find an actual restaurant, the Carpaccio.

We share a lovely green salad followed by cheese ravioli for Kathy and Bucini with fried bacon for Brian. We ask the waiter to suggest a Croatian wine and enjoy a glass of Plavac Tomić.

Back in our room, we look up the restaurant in Trip Advisor and aren't surprised to find it's well rated.

Rain is in the forecast for the tomorrow, but we'll still manage to find our way around, especially since we're hopping from the Westin to the Doubletree.

Tomorrow's another day.

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