Friday, March 1, 2013

Slow Security At LAS

Fortunately our "complimentary upgrades" cleared for the flight to SFO so we could use the First Class line at LAS - no "pre-check" in the domestic terminal apparently.

Was it ever a slow line! The employee seemed to be taking inordinate amounts of time with the people in front of us, some of it being due to this scanning of foreign passports, presumably looking for the photo.

We made the decision to go through the millimeter-wave detectors today, only the second or perhaps third time we ever have. Everything we've read about them, including from opponents to the entire procedure, leads us to believe they're safe. No, we don't like the idea of being in a microwave (possibly exaggerating a bit) but we grudgingly went through it today, pleased to see another passenger choosing to opt out in favor of the invasive custodial-style body search.

We're in good time now, although if we'd waited for another hour before leaving for the airport it might have been a bit nerve-wracking.

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