Wednesday, March 20, 2013

In Innsbruck

We enjoyed our train ride, even in a crowded second-class car. We sat across the aisle from Finnish two-year-old and four-year-old brothers, escorted by their mother and grandmother on their way to visit a grandfather who lives in Bolzano Italy. Next to us were a friendly couple from Chile on their way to Venice, so we talked with travel with them until we got off.

The Innsbruck Hilton is only a couple of blocks from the train station, although we first headed off in the wrong direction.

We're in our room and ready to start some sightseeing. We're on the 12th floor with a good view of the famous ski jump and a vista of the whole area.

No rain yet although it's predicted as a 50% possibility this afternoon.

Down by Der M√ľnchener HBF early in the morning...

The view from our Innsbruck hotel window. You can just spot Innsbruck's famous ski jump in the distance. We've actually driven up to the somewhat similar jump at the Whistler Olympics site...

Here's a closer shot of the Bergisel ski jump...

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