Sunday, March 24, 2013

Hilton Vienna Danube

We took the U2 from our our hotel directly to the Stadion stop.

The hotel's directions were to walk Northwest. Being a cloudy day with light snow falling, the only thing to do in the very quiet station was to ask the only other couple we saw.

When Kathy asked them in German which way the river was the man jokingly asked her why on earth we would want to go to the river today. ah... Hilton!

They were friendly and showed us a shortcut between two apartment buildings. He also told Kathy we'd know if we went too far because we would be swimming. Austrians have a good sense of humor.

We walked here in about five minutes and a room was ready for us. It's not considered the Hilton of choice for frequent travelers, given the somewhat remote location. So far, however, we are impressed, as long as we don't the mind the walk to and from the U Bahn station.

This apparently was formerly a Holiday Inn and the design is moderate. It also now has an Executive Lounge, so we'll probably head back into the center of Vienna, visit Mozarthaus, dine, and then return here in time for Happy Hour.

We were given a modest upgrade to a Danube-view King Executive room on the seventh floor. Even today the view is terrific.

And a lovely young employee has just delivered a welcome package to us almost identical to the one we received at the Vienna Plaza, a nice touch...

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