Wednesday, July 18, 2012

All At Sea

We've enjoyed a great sea day on the 12th and final day of our cruise. We only had some 350 nautical miles to cover between Marseille and Barcelona, so we've been chugging along at around 11 knots for most of the day. What a smooth ride.

We were quite victorious in the trivia contests we attended most days, in partnership with a lovely couple from San Jose California.

Today we were the decisive victors and earned enough "Big O" points to buy ourselves new t-shirts, along with a baseball hat for Brian and a visor for Kathy. It averages down the cost of the cruise as well, doesn't it?

Tomorrow morning we disembark to Barcelona, take a taxi ride to the airport (hopefully not as crazy as the last one) and fly as far as Brussels, where we overnight.

It's a relatively leisurely trip home, to follow up our leisurely cruise.

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