Saturday, July 21, 2012

A Promising Start To Our Travel Day

A friendly and helpful agent in the LGA United Club near the C gates has booked us to an earlier flight to Chicago. That flight has been delayed for nearly two hours "awaiting crew" (along with no fewer than three other UA flights here) and she's booked us in exit row.

That should allow us - knock on wood - plenty of time for our onward connection.

United may be filling their planes but we suspect they are either consolidating some flights or, more likely, just "don't have enough planes," as we heard one employee say to another last night.

The club is pre-security, a reminder of more innocent days. A camera here shows the length of the line, which doesn't look too bad this Saturday morning. At any rate, we're enjoying one last slurp of thoroughly mediocre coffee in the United Club before proceeding through security.

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