Sunday, July 15, 2012

Sailing In Circles - And Loving It

The water is still choppy and the Captain tells us that the wind in St. Tropez is still blowing 30-40 knots, making it impractical to load tenders for trips ashore.

For the time being we're sailing in circles awaiting the next weather report. The ride itself is very smooth and we enjoyed a game of shuffleboard on the top sports deck aft before lunch. We also ran into J.R. Lustig, the Assistant Cruise Director. We've sailed with J.R. at least twice in the past, once when he was acting Cruise Director on a transatlantic and he's invited us to join him in the Grand Dining Room tonight.

He's an absolutely terrific guy and we're looking forward to dining with him. Fortunately, he caught up with us on our way into the Grand Dining Room for lunch, so we contented ourselves with fairly light soups (gazpacho for Brian and a Thai soup for Kathy) and the Jacque Pepin signature Salade Nicoise with rare tuna for our main course. It was far superior to the Salade Nicoise we ate in Nice (or perhaps Menton) some years ago, while also leaving us room for dinner.

This afternoon we continue to sail around as all of the Oceania folks hope for the wind to calm down as predicted, and no doubt plan other contingencies if it doesn't.

We don't envy them their responsibilities, and are much happier with the challenge to entertain ourselves on this beautiful ship this afternoon.

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