Monday, July 2, 2012

YVR Maple Leaf Lounge: A Good Way To Start The Day

Our 5:45 a.m. shuttle from the Westin had us to the airport in good time. We already had our boarding passes and were waved through into the inner sanctum.

We were able to use the fast lane for NEXUS and Global Entry. Going through security was a breeze and our main concern was keeping track of our NEXUS cards.

The next stop was US Customs and Immigration. We were also in a quick line for that and were dealt with by a young and friendly rookie being overseen by a supervisor. We hope she doesn't get trained out of being friendly.

Advance information from US Airways notwithstanding ("no lounge access"), all we needed to enter the Maple Leaf Lounge were our US Airways First Class boarding passes.

A couple of cups of strong coffee, muffins, and yogurt allow us to start the day. US Airways also states there's no meal on this three hour and ten minutes flight. We saw that before flying UA YVR-DEN, so we'll have to wait and see.

No worries - we'll have plenty of food over the next three weeks.

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