Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Anchored off Taormina Sicily

We anchored right on time this morning not too far off Taormina. The actual location of our anchorage is a small settlement called Giardini Naxos,a a small port few miles from Taormina. We waited until open tenders were available. Before that, the organized tour groups were getting off, followed by passengers picking up tender tickets and waiting for their turn.

It was a surprisingly bumpy out where the ship is anchored, but we got into calmer water as we approached the small dock, sheltered by a large breakwater.

All we did was to walk around for an hour or so. Kathy was on a mission of looking for a free Internet signal, or one we could buy in a restaurant for the price of a cup of coffee but no luck. Maybe tomorrow...

We retreated to our air conditioned ship before the temperature got any warmer. The forecast warned of temperatures approaching 100 F today, and we don't need that. From our balcony we have great views of Mt Etna, hazy but with smoke billowing at the summit.

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