Friday, July 20, 2012

BRU: Brussels Airlines Lounging

We enjoyed a pleasant continental breakfast at the hotel this morning, and then caught a tram to the Midi train station with a minimum of confusion. Brian bought tickets while Kathy looked for the right track and we were up on an escalator and on a train within 10 minutes of arriving.

It took us less than an hour to travel from our hotel to the airport and we're happy we stayed at the Four Points. That 58-Euro rate was hard to beat in any case. Even with the transportation costs it was a good deal and allowed us to get at least a small feel of Brussels.

Despite lines, we arrived at the Brussels Airlines Lounge in time to sit for an hour and use the one-hour-free Internet. the lounge is crowded and somewhat too warm for our tastes, a situation we're well used to in Europe.

We fly BRU-IAD in C (business) and then onward from Washington to LGA, La Guardia being a short hop on a Regional Jet. We notice with mild annoyance that we've lost the exit row seats that we selected months ago on that short flight. United continues to have computer problems, and many members of FlyerTalk have reported being arbitrarily bumped out of the seats they selected, usually for less desirable ones. This of course has happened before to us and must occur quite often.

In any event, we're looking forward to arriving in Vancouver tomorrow night after spoiling ourselves with a one-night layover in New York.

It's been a great trip but we're looking forward to seeing our grandchildren again.

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