Monday, July 2, 2012

So Is This What US Airways Calls First Class?

We're sitting in a very pleasant US Airways Club in Phoenix on a long layover before boarding our flight to New York.

We boarded US Airways at YVR this morning with anticipation, since we'd never flown them before. First Class on an international (or "trans-border") flight is a good way to start, isn't it? Well, not necessarily.

As we sat down in Row 2 of this A320, we noticed that the seat pitch was a little less than we're used to on United. The seats themselves are a little thinner. Later, during this 3'10" flight we learn that the IFE, the audio channels, aren't working. Well, that's why we bring along iPods, newspapers, and magazines. What literally amazed us was the service, or lack thereof.

The flight attendant did offer a pre-departure beverage, but the coffee wasn't ready and we passed.

Later she completed a beverage service and brought us each coffee in a styrofoam cup. A couple of hours later we landed.

Yup, that's right. Not so much of a snack as pretzels, and the woman spent her time reading rather than offering any additional beverages. It puts things in perspective and makes United look like Singapore Airlines in comparison.

We'll be interested to see what the service is like on our second leg. In the meantime, we ducked out of the club to enjoy a decent lunch at a new Mexican restaurant nearby. It's called Blancos and it's not bad.

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