Tuesday, July 3, 2012

PHX-JFK In US Airways First Class

It was pleasing to find out we must have had a bitter and burned out flight attendant on our first flight of the day.

The flight attendant in the F cabin on our PHX-JFK leg was friendly and attentive throughout. We had a choice of meals, although we said we'd take anything, much to her delight. Kathy had the short ribs and Brian had a pasta dish, both quite tasty for airplane food. A large piece of raspberry shortcake followed.

No in-flight entertainment on this Airbus 321 either, although Go-Go Internet was available for $12.95. We passed and listened to iPod classical selections.

Once off the plane at JFK, we found our way to the airport train, that's free as far as the hotel shuttle lot, 12th Street or something similar. It's a surprisingly small area for hotel shuttles but there aren't that many hotels near JFK.

This Sheraton isn't as bad so far as some reviews make it out to be. We're on the seventh floor right across from the lounge, and will head over there for breakfast in a few minutes.

We managed to sleep reasonably well, and we're ready for the long day and night ahead, and a total of four flights - JFK-IAD-BRU-MUC-VCE.

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