Friday, July 6, 2012

The Mysteries Of Italian Internet

We check out of the Hilton Molino Stucky today and board Riviera, which remains docked in Venice for another night before setting sail.

The hotel has experienced serious Internet disruptions over the past couple of days. Their provider is SwissCom, a large company we've seen in other places. Last night the ethernet connection was working beautifully and we were able to upload photos here. This morning it's out but we're surviving on a weak wirelss signal for the moment.

As Hilton Diamonds we get free Internet, but the problems will be doubly annoying for folks who are paying a rather outrageous daily amount for the service.

Internet aside, we've really enjoyed our stay here.

Yesterday Brian asked a concierge for information about the vaporetto voucher we'd bought for one-way transportation to the cruise terminal. The woman called the company and apparently managed to persuade them to allow us to board at the hotel dock with our voucher rather than with tickets, which would require a boat ride back to San Marco. Our name will supposedly be made available to the captains of boats running around noon.

That makes us feel special but we'll see what actually happens today when we try it.

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