Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Brussels Briefly

We enjoyed our IAD-BRU flight. In spite of currently feeling annoyed about United and what we believe are broken promises to its Million Mile Flyers (now the subject of a class action lawsuit), we have to say that we both savored one of the best meals we've ever had on a plane, the grilled pork chop that was one of the four offerings.

As predicted, the flight was a little too short for a good night's sleep, but the pilot kindly left the seat belt sign off until about the final 20 minutes, giving passengers a chance to "stretch their legs one last time," as it's euphemistically put.

To arrive at the lounge that has showers, we would have had to go through security to enter Terminal B, and we weren't that desperate. Instead, after clearing Immigration we proceeded through security to enter Terminal A, where we'll board our flight to Munich in another hour.

We're sitting in the SAS Star Alliance Lounge. It's very pleasant and not too crowded. We each got a card for one hour of free Internet, which should be plenty, as it's just past midnight at home and we're not expecting a lot of e-mails.

Two more flights and a one-hour boat ride and we should be arriving at our hotel in Venice. Tonight's objective will definitely be to relax and lounge around the hotel. We'll save the Grand Canal and the rest of Venice for tomorrow.

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