Friday, July 6, 2012

How To Enjoy Venice In Tourist Season: The Secret

First, check the places on your map and in your guide book that are highly recommended, for example St. Mark's Square. Once you've done that, go elsewhere - anywhere. Lose yourself in the little walkways and don't worry if you arrive at the odd dead end and have to turn around. Wandering is what we've done, and we've really enjoyed it in the ultimate waterfront city.

We set off on every excursion by riding the free boat that runs about every 40 minutes. The brick building looks imposing from the outside, and one likes to think Signor Stucky, who was murdered by an employee (there are even rumors it was a jealous husband) in 1910, would approve.

From the time you land the best idea is to walk wherever you please. There's always something to see.

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