Wednesday, November 20, 2013

A Port Day Aboard Riviera

Yes, we hung out aboard today. Tangier is apparently a booming city of 700,000 but we were happy to view it from a distance.

We played table tennis this morning, golf on the miniature course on the top deck forward early this afternoon, and just finished a shuffleboard tournament on the top deck aft. For our joint efforts today we have earned a total of nine Big O points and have stored our laminated cards safely in our stateroom. Just as an example, for only one more point we'll have enough for a... bookmark.

It seems to be congenial group of fellow passengers, as usual. We're a little surprised to see so many folk older than we, with canes and walkers in abundance. Good for them for getting out and enjoying life, even in the face of challenges.

A glimpse of Tangier from the ship...
 The pool deck on this calm and deserted port day. We anticipate the next leg of our voyage will be bumpy and water will be sloshing out of the pool as we make our way to Funchal.

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