Friday, November 1, 2013

New Jersey Talk: Toity Toid"

We heard a genuine Jersey accent while waiting for our airport shuttle at the rather forgettable Hampton Inn. It was the desk clerk giving directions to a customer about going into New York City and stopping by 33rd Street, which to our ears sounded like "Toity-toid."

At EWR we found our way to a TSA pre-check line and the three beeps our boarding passes produced allowed us to pass through easily, even though Brian was stuck with a random hand-swab.

We ate hamburgers at Ruby's Diner, a decent enough place, before entering the United Club nearby.

We wandered around the entire club looking for two vacant chairs with a power plug - no luck. We finally settled for two adjacent cubicles and poured ourselves coffee out of styrofoam cups. The place seems to be loaded to the gunwales, a situation possibly made worse by one-time passes and credit-card holders with lounge access. We're quite satisfied to reserve our visits to international flights and we wonder how long that perk will last.

It's quite telling to compare and contrast yesterday's visit to one of YVR's serene Air Canada Maple Leaf Lounges (below) to this United Club.

On second thought, we won't even bother. An employee just announced, "We have a full house tonight. Please remove your personal property from chairs near you so that everyone has a space to sit."

We board our flight to Milan in a little over an hour. We're due to land before 8:00 a.m., so we may store our bags and take a train into Milan if we feel rested enough.

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