Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Docked In Tangier

We enjoyed the Captain's Reception last night along with almost everybody else aboard. We'll also look forward to the party for returning cruisers. Apparently 1000 of the 1200 passengers aboard are "returning," which says a lot about Oceania. For practicality, there will be three separate parties/receptions, apparently a new record for Oceania.

A roaring noise awakened us in the middle of the night and we went on our balcony to see a helicopter hovering a hundred feet or so above us, obviously involved in an evacuation. What a way to leave a ship! We hope everything turns out well for the patient and suspect it was better to be evacuated to Spain than to Morocco.

It's a beautiful day here. We've seen bits of Casablanca and Agadir so we might just stay aboard.

Update: In our wanderings around the ship this morning we've heard from probably reliable sources that a passenger slipped and fell on an outer deck. The injuries were so severe that evacuation for prompt surgery was deemed necessary and both the passenger and spouse were taken off the ship by helicopter. We wish them both well!

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