Sunday, November 10, 2013

A Windy Livorno Sunday

We're really enjoying our cruise on Nautica, and it's not just the trivia team that sees us earning magnificently useless Big O points every session for our collective good answers to strange questions, e.g. What artist kept live mice in his drawer in case he wanted to sketch them?

We've enjoyed walking ashore on most of our stops. We particularly enjoyed wandering around Palma de Majorca, simply because it has very large pedestrian-only neighborhood and we didn't have to worry (too much) about dodging cars.

In passing, Brian thinks one of the most dangerous signs in Italy is the green "pedestrian walk" sign. Don't ever think that gives you the right-of-way.

Yesterday (Saturday) we and another couple from our trivia team walked to the Civitavecchia train station and rode a train and then a "Metro" to Ostia Antica, the excavated remnants of the city that was the original port when it was at the mouth of the Tiber. We had all seen both Pompeii and Kusadasi. Ostia Antica is similar but still very interesting to see and we will later post photos of the old public latrines similar to the ones we have seen in other ruins, for the entertainment of our grandchildren.

As always on Oceania, we have dined well. This is a port-intensive cruise and tonight we have yet again picked up a "free" reservation in the one of the specialty restaurants. By the time we disembark, we'll have eaten in Polo and Toscana no less than five times on our 10-night cruise.

We also enjoyed a lovely meal in the Grand Dining Room with the ship's general manager and three other couples, by virtue of being on our 12th Oceania cruise. It turned out he was on our original Oceania cruise in 2007, the one that sailed through a hurricane, or a "tropical depression," as he described it. He reinforced our own impressions and said we were facing Force 10 winds for some time. We'll be quite happy to have a less adventurous crossing on Riviera starting a week or so from now.

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