Friday, November 29, 2013

Aboard Riviera: Bermuda Sail Away

Today is the kind of day that Captains earn their large salaries. We were up on the top deck aft taking part in the daily shuffleboard tournament as Riviera eased away from the dock at Kings Wharf, using the side thrusters and stirring up mud as we backed up, turned around, and headed around the island and in a generally southwest direction toward the Port of Miami, where we are due to dock after our final two night aboard.
Bye-Bye Bermuda.
And it's down to the pool deck to play some post-shuffleboard table tennis doubles with Andre and Maurice, friendly fellow cruisers from Montreal with whom we've spent several hours hitting the little white ball back and forth.
But the gusts of wind are not only blowing towels off lounge chairs and the water out of the fountain but making the ball spin in all directions and we spend as much time chasing it and laughing as we do playing.
As we get ready for dinner this evening, the ship is rocking gently but the ride is fairly smooth.

Miami here we come.

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