Tuesday, October 10, 2017

A Wild Ride to Mumbai

We hired a Toyota Innova from KK Travels to drive us to the airport. We wanted to be picked up at 11, but there was a weird discrepancy on the booking form that the concierge didn't understand either: Pickup time 11, Departure time 12.

The driver arrived at 12 in a mildly grubby vehicle and got us to the airport by 3:30 with the most aggressive driving we've ever experienced in India or in any other of the 76 countries we've visited.

His skills included talking on his cellphone with one hand, steering with the other, and honking with his forearm, even during the occasional cloudbursts we encountered.

Anyway, we made it, and, after a long layover in a huge Dubai Emirates Business Lounge, we're about to board our flight to Dallas. We even napped on somewhat uncomfortable lounge chairs for a couple of hours.

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