Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Aanavilasam Plantation House in the Western Ghats

We're staying for two nights st this property, owned by a well known Indian photographer and managed by a Finnish woman and her British husband.

We descend another tricky driveway - is there no place Biju can't make driving look effortless?

We're greeted again with a cool glass of juice and a snack. The formalities to check in require us to hand over our passports. The hotel must confirm a valid visitor's visa. Since those are in our old passports, the hotel has to handle four passports.

Eventually we're escorted to our room, a two-room suite just off the dining room.

No tub, but two showers, one indoor and one outdoor(like we've seen in the Maldives).

Later we wander out to admire the flight we're, including these.

Carnival Tours has put us in another nice property.

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