Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Kerala: Driving to Thekkady

Our drive from Munnar to Thekkady took about three hours. The views were beautiful and traffic was much lighter than our previous two days. There were still plenty of thrills. The Finnish hotel manager checking us in a couple of hours ago joked that passing on blind corners is mandatory. 

We met our first oncoming tuk-tuk as we drove up the Spice Tree's driveway, and buses and trucks abounded on the roads.

The vistas are amazing.

Those little dots in the tea field below are pickers, back at work after the four-day weekend.

Trees are planted systematically to provide a mix of sun and shade to the tea leaves.

This is some dam view.

A less scenic but practical spot enabled Brian to buy a bottle of wine from the "premium counter" of a government liquor store, in anticipation of our upcoming "dry" hotel stay.

The queue in the background probably results from the past two state-mandated dry days. It appears the citizens of Kerala are still thirsty for Demon Rum.

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