Saturday, October 7, 2017

Conrad Pune - World's Best Hilton Property?

That's what somebody claimed online. We've stayed at a lot of Hiltons and a few Conrads, and so far we're not prepared to argue against it.

Of course, it colors our opinion to get upgraded to a large and rather magnificent suite in the 11th floor (Diamond status made it one heck of a bargain).

Even the bathrooms (1 1/2 baths technically) are almost over the top. A TV set is built into the mirror on the counter so you can watch and switch channels from the tub.

The room electronics are dazzling. The usual switches are there to open and close the curtains, but at least some of the lights switch on and off with motion. For example, you enter the powder room by the door and on goes the light. Cool!

The Executive Lounge is large and well equipped with employees. Happy Hiur runs from 6 to 8 and the bar is well stocked.

We ate breakfast in Coriander this morning (another Diamond perk). It's as sumptuous a breakfast buffet as we've ever seen anywhere.

We're relaxing at the pool this afternoon. An employee proudly told us it's the only heated pool in Pune. At 90F, we've lingered there, only exiting when we heard thunder. The weather has calmed down again but the best thing for us is that it's not hot.

We have our own little cabana.

We don't know about the city, but the Conrad Pune  is one outstanding hotel. 


Gregory said...

Sounds impressive, but I don't see any references to plush toys or bath creatures. That's an important factor in my weighing of Conrad properties.

Kathy and Brian said...

We read somewhere that they only give out their tigers to children. We'll know in a few hours, but so far nothing but towel animals in our suite. If not, a real disappointment!