Monday, April 11, 2022

A Cranky Owner at Stadthaus Schänke in Mainz

We’d already warned Tom and Ellyn that, despite our love of a Germany and Austria, after three nights or so of Germanic dining we seek out Italian joints.

After some research, we settled on Stadthaus Schänke for the third and final dinner of our stay in Germany.

There was room for us in the cozy joint, but once we were seated around 7:15 the owner informed us the kitchen closed in 15 minutes.

She told us they only served wine by the glass, even though a bottle of Sekt was clearly advertised on the menu.

That’s fine. We ordered a second round and enjoyed the loud conversations of the other North American diners lured in by Trip Advisor reviews.

The shrimp appetizer we ordered was pretty good. Kathy predicted accurately it would be the meal’s highlight.

The salads three of us got (Ellyn’s dinner somehow didn’t include salad) were fine.

The schnitzels were, well, okay, dry and somewhat overcooked.

At the end of the meal, the proprietor let us know she didn’t accept credit cards. Some tourists must get caught.

That’s fine - we carry cash.

Our impression is that owner has the best of both worlds, taking money from North American tourists while despising them.

Fortunately, we have had far too many friendly interactions with hospitable Europeans to let one unhappy restaurant owner mar our travel experience.

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