Wednesday, April 20, 2022

Sunwing Airlines Strands Canadians

Sunwing describes itself as an "award winning leisure carrier" with a fleet of 40 or so 737s offering flights from 33 Canadian and 5 US airports to "more than 45" destinations in the Caribbean, Mexico, Central America and the US. 

They don't get great reviews on Skytrax, but they no doubt fill a market niche.  

Sunwing passengers continue to be stranded in various plays as technical difficulties plague the airline for yet another day

Apparently it's a problem that their third-party systems provider, an outfit called Airline Choice, is experiencing. This has actually impacted check-in and boarding procedures.

We remember some years ago checking in at YVR for an early flight on United Airlines. Their computer system was done and the check-in employees were going crazy manually processing check-ins, especially for those of us with connecting flights.

Every so often technology lets us down and reminds us what a house of cards it can be.

We have nothing but sympathy for Sunwing employees and customers.

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