Tuesday, April 12, 2022

Overnight at the Rome Airport Hilton

We’ve never experienced such a long walk in an airport simply to pick up our bags. There are renovations ongoing at the Rome Airport (FCO Terminal 1) and we could have easily walked a mile.

We endured a long elevator queue to reach Floor 2 and the route to the Rome Airport Hilton.

Following that was another long walk to the Hilton.  

We overnighted here with granddaughter Avery some years ago.

The rooms are okay and the price was right.

It took far too long to complete our online Covid tests. Kathy’s test result “proctor” didn’t call back to check the results and it took the better part of two hours to sort that out.

Brian’s test experience was quick and easy in contrast, and we both tested negative.

We used an App for that and another App, VeriFLY, for British Airways, and that took too long as well.

We’d checked around 3 and by now it was after 6.after a complimentary drink in the bar (their Executive Lounge is still closed), we had a decent dinner in the hotel restaurant with a friendly waiter - a shared Caprese salad, pizza Margherita for Kathy and lasagne for Brian.

After a fitful few hours of sleep, it’ll be up at 4:30AM to walk back to the airport and check in for our 8:05AM flight to London LHR.

We anticipate a long day.

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