Thursday, April 14, 2022

British Airways 787-10 LHR-SEA in Club World

Kathy, having gotten the dreaded SSSS on her boarding pass, had to go downstairs so a polite official could check her possessions more carefully, but it was an innocuous procedure.

There was a significant delay in boarding, which we were told was due to a shortage of cleaning personnel. We heard another explanation as we finally boarded; the jetway wasn't working properly. We had to walk downstairs, walk across the tarmac to the plane, and then climb the significant distance to enter.

Once inside, we had the pleasure of turning left and seeking out our Club World "suites," complete with sliding doors. Brian found the accommodation very comfortable, while Kathy didn't.

As we climbed out of LHR, we had a great view of some clouds from above.

Service was friendly and efficient, with a good choice of wine and other alcohol. Kathy chose a pasta for her main course, and Brian chose the lamb shanks (below).

Brian slept a solid five hours or more of the nine-hour flight, while Kathy only dozed. Before he knew it, we were making the "final approach" into SEA.

Immigration was a relative breeze at SEA, and we were soon waiting for a pickup from the Doubletree.
The new suites are a huge improvement over BA's old Club World, and we've always found traveling in the 787 to be a pleasant experience.

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