Thursday, April 14, 2022

Home Sweet Sehome One Month Later

Our month-long trip was overall a great success and a marvelous experience. We couldn't have had better travel companions than Tom and Ellyn. They kept us active and cheerfully put up with our various idiosyncracies. 

The weather exceeded our expectations, we managed to overcome all of the challenges involved in crossing international borders in the age of Covid, and we all stayed healthy. 

The transatlantic cruise on Oceania's Riviera was wonderful, and circumstances allowed us to spend some time in Portugal, a place to which we would gladly return (except for the salt cod). It was great to be back in Italy, and our days wandering around Mainz, Germany were fun and allowed us to sample some Germanic food to round out our culinary experiences (and our bellies).

More, ah, challenging moments such as Brian's misplaced passport and an hour standing in a crowded German train car until we could make a dash for our reserved seats cars away, 

Still, the hamburger in the Doubletree restaurant last night seemed particularly tasty, and our room had the coolest (i.e. most comfortable) temperature of any room we've stayed in this trip. 

Yes, it's good to be home.

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