Tuesday, April 12, 2022

Mainz Hilton to FRA

We enjoyed the luxury of sharing a van straight from the hotel to the airport. The hotel booked the service and it was cost effective and comfortable for four, complete with a friendly driver.

Kathy and Brian both experienced problems with Lufthansa’s vaunted Quick Bag Drop. It broke down completely when Brian tried it, so he was in the Catch-22 situation of having a luggage tag but no receipt. The first employee directed him to a second employee who managed to solve it.

Before long we said our goodbyes to Tom and Ellyn before they headed to Z Gates and we to A Gates.

Here we sit in a Lufthansa Senator Lounge, one we’ve visited in the last.

It was one hour and a few minutes from the Hilton to here. The airport is not at all crowded and we have tons of time before our 12:10 flight to Rome.

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