Tuesday, April 12, 2022

Wandering Mainz with Tom and Ellyn

Tom and Kathy are no doubt checking out restaurants even before we leave the hotel.

Scenery in the old town everywhere we look.

Archbishop Boniface was killed in 754 while trying to convert Frisians who didn’t want to be converted.

On a happier note, we admired the giant Easter Egg crafted for Mainz by its Croatian Sister City.

More gawking before Tom and Ellyn rest their feet for a moment.

Later we encountered a very polite police-escorted march to protest excessive Covid restrictions. This part of Germany is largely unmasked, even at FRA.

Even that cranky restaurant owner mentioned elsewhere couldn’t spoil a great final day with Tom and Ellyn, despite their consistent Spades victories over us toward the end of the trip.

Here’s to you, Tom and Ellyn!

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