Wednesday, April 6, 2022

Milan to Venice on Italo Treno

With a leisure 11:35AM departure on Italo Treno, there was no need to arrive at Stazione Centrale before 11, since the platform (Binario or “track”) isn’t usually displayed until 20 minutes before departure.

We timed our entry just about right, and our train was adjacent to the entry.

There are several train companies in Italy, which can be confusing to tourists like us. Buying tickets early enabled us to get cheap First Class tickets and we’re very comfortable for the 2 1/2-hour ride to Venice Santa Lucia.

The only downside is that N95 masks are required at all times. Ugh! An employee has already so “advised” us.

Another employee is going through the car politely demanding everyone show a “Covid pass.” Fortunately, all four of our state-issued QR codes suffice.

An attendant wheels a cart through with beverages, crackers, and peanuts. We’re not all hungry after our terrific Hilton buffet breakfast, but nibbling nuts will allow us to unmask at intervals.

We can’t expect much sympathy from employees required to wear N95s or equivalent for their entire shift every day.

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