Sunday, April 24, 2022

Destinations Worth Another Visit

 People often ask us to describe the destinations we'd most like to visit again. This would be distinct from, say, world landmarks like the Egyptian pyramids that we're happy we've seen but, well, once is enough. 

Our list of places to which we'd like to return (and most likely have) inevitably includes Thailand and Italy.

It's interesting to compare our list to an article in The Discoverer:

The Destinations Our Readers Keep Going Back To 

Of the 11 locales highlighted, we've been serious tourists in 7, and visited all but 1 (Cape Cod). It would be virtually impossible for us to compile a list that includes no fewer than 7 larger cities without adding more of the smaller places we prefer like Lucca, Italy and Menton, France. Had we written such an article, we'd also include at least a couple of South American cities, Buenos Aires and Lima. We'd also have to include Australia and New Zealand, and...

Before we knew it, we'd be burdened with a long and ever-lengthening list, so we're probably best off sticking to Thailand and Italy.

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