Tuesday, April 5, 2022

Mu Dimsum: Chinese Eats in Milan

It’s actually a very elegant Chinese restaurant just a couple of blocks from the Hilton Milan.

The restaurant is elegant. The service is elegant and friendly.

The chopsticks are elegant.

The tea service is elegant.

The Amuse Bouche is tasty.

The presentation is beautiful.

The Xaio Long Bao come with little tubes full of vinegar so you can inject it, a first for us after eating soup dumplings in at least half a dozen countries..

The Peking Duck slices are excellent, especially for the duck lovers.

The last sharing dish of vegetable noodles gives us each a taste.

This joint is mentioned in the Michelin Guide, and we can all see why. The bill reflects that as well and we’ll be ready for a late dinner.

We’re glad we went.

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