Tuesday, April 19, 2022

Travel News Catching Our Eye

All the news is about the great unmasking, including this USA Today piece.

It seems to us that this will promote a surge in summer travel, and Yahoo News agrees

On a more laid-back note, CNN runs a story about a recently retired Seattle couple who are budgeting carefully to live much of the time on cruise ships

Of course, we've met a few couples who seem to spend a similar amount of time cruising on our line of choice, Oceania. 

That includes Karin and Bill Pollak, whom we met and played Team Trivia with on our very first Oceania cruise in 2007. We bumped into them yet again on our most recent Oceania cruise.

Cruise Director Leslie John interviewed them in early 2021, and if you're a Facebook member you can check it out here.

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