Tuesday, April 19, 2022

An Avis Rental Car Nightmare for One Woman

We rented a Hertz car at the Bellingham Airport last month to drive there extremely early at the start of our trip. We dropped the keys and information in the box on the counter as instructed and are glad we didn't read about this woman's experience first. 

The substance of the story is that an Avis franchisee charged a woman an extra $4,000 on a two-day rental, claiming she hadn't properly returned the car after hours and that it took them a long time to find it.

Travel writer Christopher Elliott's team went to bat for her, and finally secured a refund from Avis for the full amount on their third try.

We now hold our breath whenever we rent a car, and try to take copious photos. Will we be jailed for car theft, as Hertz renters have experienced in significant numbers, or will we be charged thousands of dollars for "keeping" a rental we've long since turned in, like this Avis renter?

The Elliott team's story here.

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